Monday, 5 October 2009

Turn Any Stone

Turn Any Stone
The high places, where the tribe came
Remember shadows of those no more
And as dusk falls, lighting sacred flame
With tears, the memories laid to store
The stones remain, a legacy of time
Although we no longer know the name
Of a green sapling, cut still in its prime
Remember shadows, here we came
No spell can restore the dead, those now
Beyond the veil of time, out of our reach
Saplings died young, old broken bough
Beneath the waves, far out of our reach
Yet in memory, they return, their laugh
And smile, and all their joys and sorrow
Traced in the sand, a druid with his staff
Marks out the names, now for the morrow
The waves wash upon the rocks and sand
Names taken into the vast ocean of night
Letting them go, remaining on the land
This is the hardest part, the healing rite
And above, in the purple cloak of night
Like the shattered vessels, broken clay
The stars remain, fragments of the light
Sign of the path to heal a wounded day
The tide is falling now, the stones remain
And with the stones, we remember them
With all our sorrows, our tears, our pain
Each stone, rough, worn, and yet a gem
Take a stone, with missed words, regret
That still unsaid, yet with no time to say
And this stone shall be a sign, not to forget
A memory held, that grief can find a way
Turn any stone, it says "Love", on one side
and the other, "I forgive you". So my dear
Let tears wash away the grief you cried
And now turn any stone, and I am there

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