Wednesday, 16 November 2011

All the Chief Minister's Men

Here are my guesses as to Ian Gorst's line up - to be announced today, along with a friend who has also given me his opinions. We'll see who is closest!

Home Affairs - Bailhache (we both agree)

Treasury - Ian la Marquand or John Le Fondre (we both agree)

Economic Development - Lyndon Farnham or Patrick Ryan

He suggests that I should not discount Len Norman who is current Assistant Minister - though he  may now be wary of the 'Jackson Factor'

Social Security - Francis le Gresley (we both agree)

Housing - Paul Routier

He suggests that Andrew Green may want to retain this and Jackie Hilton may have a go for this one too.

Health - Sarah Ferguson or Anne Pryke (we agree)

Education - James Reed

He has a feeling this could be contested by John Le Fondre who may have a go at this if he fails Treasury either as Minister or Assistant Minister

Planning - Rob Duhamel or John Young?

He notes that Rob Duhamel has said he would like to retain - but he could well choose John Young as Assistant Minister but it is unlikely that another newbie will be offered the main role - not after Freddie Cohen.

TTS - No ideas at all. Philip Rondel is the only name I can think off, largely because of his concern with main drains! But he also has recycling experience.

He has a sneaky suspicion that Patrick Ryan may have a pop at this if he doesn't make Economic Development, Philip Rondel may be nominated but with the Michael Jackson experience in mind turn it down. That said, it's about time Alan Breckon stepped up to something.

PPC - Chairman - Alan Breckon or Roy le Hérissier

He hopes Roy gets it. He has however  been there before. He made a good job of it but Juliette Gallichan may well want to hang on to it. I do note that Juliette Gallichan did say in September that she wanted to step down.

So we'll see later today. In the meantime, if you have any guesses, post a comment here. I'll be commenting on the actual choices made tomorrow.


voiceforchildren said...


Although it's a Ministry that doesn't officially exist it wouldn't be a bad bet that Philip Bailhache or Philip Ozouf will get the job as Foreign Affairs Minister recently vacated by Freddie Cohen.

James said...

Interesting to compare your list with the one published by the JEP, which ignores PPC. They reckon:

Home Affairs: Bailhache, LE MARQUAND
Treasury: Le Marquand, Le Fondre, OZOUF (someone's desperate?)
EconDev: Farnham, MCLEAN
SocSec: Le Gresley
Housing: Green
Health: Ferguson, Pryke, NOEL
Education: Reed, BAILHACHE
Environment: Duhamel, LE GRESLEY, NOEL, LE FONDRE

There are, I contest, many things that could be read into the JEP's picks - and from where I stand most of them aren't good. The idea of keeping Ozouf on at Treasury after the mess he's made is a shocker.

GeeGee said...

Tony - Gorsts nominations are now available on line on the States website.

Bailhache is not mentioned, so I guess and agree with VFC, it will be Foreign Affairs for him.

TonyTheProf said...

Treasury - Ian le Marquand (both got that one!)

Social Security - Francis Le Gresley (both right again)

Housing - Andrew Green (friend was were right)

Education, Sport and Leisure - Patrick Ryan (neither of us got that, apparently he was part of old committee before)

Economic Development - Alan Maclean (neither of us got that!). Heard him smooth talking on BBC Radio Jersey.

Home Affairs - Lyndon Farnham (neither of us got that!)

Planning - Rob Duhamel (both got that)

Health - Anne Pryke (both got that)

Transport and Technical Services - Constable John Refault (neither of us got that one) - "death wish 2"!!
reminds me of Yes Minister, the Bed of Nails - "transport supremo"

Sir Humphrey: Minister, this hideous appointment has been hurtling round Whitehall for three weeks like a grenade with the pin taken out!

Of course, there may be alternative nominations!

And I suspect Bailhache will get the Chief Minister's Assistant "Foreign Affairs" Minister post.