Friday, 14 December 2012

Plemont in Tweets

Here's a medley of Tweets on the Plemont debate. It has been probably one of the most divisive issues in the Island, with strong views on both sides, and pretty evenly divided. Normally, issues such as GST while they cause division, usually are carried because a majority of the States go one way, and the "opposition" take a different line. But this has divided right down the middle, so much so that if Alan Maclean had been present, it would have been an exact 50-50 vote. Meanwhile politicians have been bombarded with emails on the subject from those for and against.

The Magician's Money Box: I though Geoff Southern made a surprisingly good point - usually he waffles - when he cited the Town Park, and how he was told by the Treasury Minister that because that had been passed, money would have to be taken from other projects. This wasn't addressed by Philip Ozouf with his "contingency" money, that seemed remarkably elastic. Like a good conjuror, Philip Ozouf can find the money when he wants to, or was this just smoke and mirrors?

New Verb: One Tweet said "Close to Sen Bailhache summing up. Dep T Pitman skeaking now #plemont". I've listened to Deputy Trevor Pitman and the way he delivers a speech, which seems off the cuff, grappling for metaphors as he goes along, and with an intensity that is sometimes quite frightening. I think "skeaking" is an excellent verb which just sums that all up!

Father Ted Moment: Senator Ozouf went to Plemont, and handed out pictures of the site to give members an idea of what it would look like in a natural state, and what it would look like with houses where the Holiday Camp was. He was rather caught out by the Deputy of St Martin, who pointed out that the pictures were taken from different angles and different distances, creating a false impression of sizes. Of course he said the Deputy was clever enough to adjust for that. I was almost expecting the Father Ted episode to be replayed in the States Chamber. "This is close up (holding a toy cow). This is far away (pointing in the distance)"

Constable of St Martin, Michel Le Troquer, said there was a real split over the subject. He said: "The Plemont issue has in many ways divided the assembly, divided this island and has caused strain on friendships even within families. I heard that over the weekend a fight broke out at a wedding reception over this very issue."

There is a rumour that Fortress Films may be looking for the movie rights on this story. Starring Hedley Le Maistre, it will be called "Four Weddings and a Headland", with the script written by someone called Ian Gorse, and produced by Sir Philip Bollocks.

Senator Sir Kenneth Williams? Was Senator Bailhache really "snide", as some commentators on Twitter made out? I'm afraid the term "snide" for someone of my age always conjures up Kenneth Williams, and his "Snide" character. "Stop messing about! was the catchphrase he used, delivered in a "snide" voice. In the Carry On Films, his character also was a snide, authorative figure. So did the good Senator say something along the lines of: "Sir, I have heard many comments of a trite nature in this debate, and I wish the honorable members would stop messing about", delivered in a kind of nasal twang? I didn't hear it. But I can imagine what he said being re-written in "snide".

He said: "How can we as an assembly be so divided on something that goes to the heart of our approach to the environment and the kind of Island in which we want to live?"

Translated into Snide: "Oh dear! Look at how horribly divided we are. States members should stop messing about. Matron, I don't understand it at all. I'm Senior Surgeon  at St Warts Hospital for the Incurably Insane, and none of the inmates are listening. Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me!"

Coverage on Twitter

 Is it me or is there no link online for the states coverage as yet?

Ridiculous. It's 2012 & we can't WATCH this #plemont debate, even online. It's almost as if they don't want the populace to engage

Dirty wrecking tactics by the Council of Ministers with their last Minute amendment. No comments. 11th hours meetings. It may now backfire

Whatever my opinions on the issue may be, Senator Bailhache is delivering a bloody brilliant speech. Very compelling.

Goodness me, today's #Plémont debate must be important. Deputy Shona Pitman has actually turned up... although she was late!

LOOK @ THE TIME! Its 12 seconds & 12 minutes past 12 o'clock on the 12th day of the 12th month in 2012. Let's celebrate, let's buy #Plémont!

#Plemont: we are being told valuation report is 'confidential to the client.' Who is the client? Will the debate have to be in camera?

If it's lost it's because the proposers haven't elevated the debate above & beyond money for schools and hospitals

Listening to this speech reminds me of when I was in Holland trying to catch mud eels. I couldn't keep hold of them. #wriggle

Compulsory purchasing land to give it away too a third party is simply not on, unless you live in China or Russia

Roy Le H could never make his mind up on tricky matters but he is right to point out the flip-flopping of the T&R Minister

Will Sen. MacLean's folder have casting vote in the Plemont debate?

To prepare for today's vote, I've come out to Plémont to have a walk & a real think. #Plémont

Close to Sen. Bailhache summing up. Dep T Pitman skeaking now #plemont

As a Jerseyman, proud of past & optimistic for our future: I plan to talk about National Trust and Jersey's past, present & future #Plémont

The Dean says sorting out woman bishops would be a piece of cake. He's right, woman bishops will come & go, #Plemont is forever

"I think this is an important moment for the island and however it works out we all have to live with it" - Jersey's Anglican Dean #Plemont

"I will be voting with my head and my heart and I'll be taking a balanced approach" - Deputy Tracey Vallois #Plemont

"I think compulsory purchase goes against the grain of a Jersey person" - Deputy Ann Pryke, Health Minister on #Plemont

"I think the architect has bent over backwards" - Deputy Judy Martin #Plemont

"I do feel if we let this go we're never going to have this opportunity again" - Constable Sadie Rennard #Plemont

"To get two-thirds of the site for nothing is far better than getting the whole site for perhaps £14m" - Constable Dan Murphy #Plemont

Senator McLean does not support using public funds to purchase #Plemont. #senciblechap

Hate it when politicians talk of inadequate "communication". Suggests we only disagree with them because we don't understand them.

Deputy Baudains right to ask for the commitment from the CoM to resign if the costs escalate beyond what they have said. #politicsjersey

@DeputyTadier If the cost of #Plemont comes in significantly over budget then all who vote to spend an unknown sum are equally culpable

I'd imagine that virtually all States Members made up their mind before this debate, so I suppose it's just a bit futile really... #plemont

People keep saying the Plémont debate has been divisive. CTV says it's 80-20. That's almost a consensus, not equal split.

Senator Ozouf - "Ignore the people, they're idiots anyway".

Dean of Jersey says he will be impartial but then makes an anti-Communist comment. #politicsjersey

Dep Luce "If this was your own money would you turn up at the Royal Court and pass contract not knowing what you were going to pay for it ?"

If #plemont is so popular with the good, famous & wealthy they should buy the place themselves.

Very low quality agricultural land up at #plemont. It grows good bracken and gorse

Did you know that before the Holiday Village that land was under the plough ? Its not coastline

It is Philip Bailhache who's driven a wedge between islanders NOT the developer #RobertMugabeLandGrab

Constable Pallet making an important point is that it is the quality of the argument, not the number of supporters that matters.

DeputyTadier getting his organ out while Sadie sings at Plemont #frightening #RobertMugabeLandGrab

It seems the Chief Minister takes advice from bloody taxi drivers #wellthatsokthen!

Are there any states members who are undecided about the #Plemont vote ? Is this debate really going to change minds at this stage ?

The Greffier just gave a #tourdeforce piece of comedy monologue at the States Members lunch. Lightened the mood no end

Very tight. There is a States lunch (not free and for charity) before we resume... 'They' say it will pass by one vote.

I understand some States members haven't even been to #Plemont

Admits to wavering and wobbling over #plemont decision

Constable ST Peter says buy #Plemont so all the unemployed can go up there and sit on bench & be content. beats me waiting @ Social Security

Running out of members. Ran out of arguments. Running out of time. Get on and vote please! #Plemont #govje #politicsjersey

Right, final prediction, it is going to be passed, and pass by more than just one or two votes. #plemont #politicsjersey

Sen. Bailhache being too 'clever' in his snide remarks re other members. Will not win any waverers that way. #plemont #soj

Senator Bailhache insulting another member. How to win friends and influence people. Great thinking. #plemont #politicsjersey
Was belittling an opposing Constable calling him an "amateur valuer". The Constable was actually a professional for years.

Ever notice how its only ever Deputy Pitman that ever gets picked up by the Bailiff for this sort of thing even when other members do worse?

Reaction on Twitter

Interesting to read tweets re #Plemont vote so far from supporters - understandably emotive. Did heads win over hearts?

This is a lesson that Senator Bailhache CAN be beaten. There is no place for cynicism.

Immediate reaction on news message boards shows general public elation at the result of the #plemont vote.

The #Jersey environment minister voted against saving #Plemont. What does that say about the chances of real environmental progress here?

So dear #Jersey is there anything in this Island worth saving for our children? #plemont

Sanity, common sense and a victory over shameless greed. No wasted tax payers' money. A great day for Jersey. #Plemont.

Incredibly disappointed that States of Jersey voted against buying #Plémont for the benefit of islanders, visitors & future generations.

Plémont has had developments on it since the 1870s and it will continue to have a more modest one on it. We have not lost anything.

 The #Plemont vote. How aggressive was the DARK LORD?

Immediate reaction on news message boards shows general public elation at the result of the #plemont vote.

Can't believe States rejected more than £3 million from National Trust to preserve #Plémont - gutted for so many who worked so v hard. Sorry.

Tears of absolute devastation goodbye #Plemont

#Plémont : one lesson is that the States need to be more proactive in finding sites to acquire for preservation purposes.

Whilst the owner has planning permission. I don't expect #plemont will be built on. He will sell it to whoever wants to buy it

Cheers Gents. You know somehow I don't think the #plemont issue & debate is over ?? !

Ring Binder on Twitter

Early morning in the States Chamber: A small mouse scurries around, early morning traffic outside & Monty gets up from a long night out! :o)

The Solicitor General ums and Errs more than anyone I know. You should see the amount ring binders in his office! Recession, what recession?

It's Deputy Pitman. Hush surrounds the Chamber. Fear tingles up the spines of the timid. This man can explode at any minute Never forget it.

You can tell that Deputy James Baker was in the army, he talks as though he's planning an attack on #Plemont... perhaps he is?

Montfort Tadier says he'll use the beach at #Plemont, he also claims he's got friends? Pull the other one Monty, it's got accordions on it!

It's Deputy Geoff Southern now. Does he know where #Plemont is?

Rob Duhamel wants to paddle his own canoe around #Plemont. Pity he passed the plans for 28 houses, he could have walked around it!

Yawn yawn... Can I come out of the cupboard? This speaker is a member of the perfect profession, an accountant. Back to the stock take

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, why does Planning Minister Rob Duhamel have such wild hair? #justasking

Good afternoon. Just a quick note to say thank you for following a simple ring binder. You're clearly as crazy as I am. Thank you.

It's that crazy singing woman from St Saviour. She talking about Elephants and builders. Call the men in white coats...

Ouzouf's gone barking... He's waving his iPad around the Chamber and starting to froth at the mouth... #Plemont #Hero

My chums in the stationery cupboard are very fond of young Philip. He hides his Diet Cokes in here... hic!


Anonymous said...

I think your maths is right - Alan MacLean was Contre so it would have been 24 - 26 if he had been there!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster (who I think meant to say "I don't think your maths are right"...)

Alan Maclean is on record in the JEP this week (either Tues or Weds, I forget which) as saying that he could not be present for the debate, but that he would vote against the proposition if he were there.

One of the tweets confirms this:
"Senator McLean does not support using public funds to purchase #Plemont. #senciblechap"
I think that tweet was from James Rondel.

So, it would have been 24 pour and 26 contre.

Whatever way Patrick Ryan would have voted, had he not declared an interest, is irrelevant. Even if he was "pour" it would have been 25-26.

I like your blog Tony, it is a good source of Jersey political news. Would you mind correcting your assertion "so much so that if Alan Maclean had been present, it would have been an exact 50-50 vote." because otherwise, a myth will risk becoming truth.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Tony, to add to my previous comment about Alan Maclean and 24-26, I note that your previous post is called "Misleading News".

Come on mate, guilty as charged, everyone makes a mistake!

Rico Sorda said...

Ozouf played it how Bailhache wanted. He did as he was told. But, will the Dark Lord forgive him for the lost vote of Eddie Noel,James Baker and Mcclean? Think about it. Who is the missing name from this little trio? Philip Ozouf thats who. This debate showed us many things. It has shown us how party politics dominate 99.9% of States Sittings.

Ozouf got his way. It was all about the numbers. The Treasury Minister, just like in 2010, didn't want this. As Roy Le H gets the blame for his Vote Ozouf slips of into the background.

Senator Ozouf. I salute you. Played it brilliantly


Anonymous said...

Bailhache, Routier and Gorst were conflicted as members of the NT and should not have voted.

McLean would have voted against had he been there, so rather than a 50/50 split it could have been 24 -26, or should have been 24 - 29!

TonyTheProf said...

Yes, I got the split wrong! Mea culpa!

Well done to everyone who spotted the deliberate mistake. And if you really believe that it was a deliberate mistake, I may yet try for election!