Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Farewell to an American Lady

I've just recently heard that my friend Alane Wallace has died. My sincere condolences to her family. Apparently it was very sudden indeed, and I've heard it was possibly a heart attack.

I so enjoyed chatting to her, all the silly comments, the wisdom, and the enthusiasm we had in our conversations, all the comments on my postings and encouragement, and all the deep intense messages when we talked on Facebook privately. I shall miss her so much, even though we never met except for here, even though she had come to Jersey before we became friends, and loved the Island. I managed to get my Skype working once, and she hers, and we heard each others voices for a minute, no more alas.

Here is a poem in memory of her. I so miss her, and the grief is really starting to hit me now as the news sinks in.

Farewell to an American Lady

I had thought we would have many years
To talk of shoes and ships and many things
But it was not to be. Grief like sudden fears
Comes swift, takes commoners and kings

And we can talk no more; the kind words
The meeting of minds, and hearts and souls
Enjoyment of how much life can be absurd
But never knowing how the dice yet rolls

We might have met, but plans were put on hold
But that's the way of the world, that matters drift
My friend, in spirit, and vitality, you were not old
But chance cast a card, and death came swift

I weep and miss you, how time so cruel can be
The journeys and meetings that have been lost
It is only when a dear friend is no more, we see
The bargain of life, every love comes with a cost

Painter, musician, thinker, you were all of these
Yet they do not encompass you, so much more
The humour, the sly fun, the flirting, the tease
A friendship, so joyous, so much I did adore

Encouraging to others, always a kind word of praise
And for me too, the praise at my poor scribbling by
That memory too remains, all that time still stays
And I mourn for you, your keen wit, sharp eye

Farewell, my American lady, my sweetest friend
I will never forget you, how you touched us all
Time bears us all along, and to each of us an end
But one day, we will meet, on far side of that wall.

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