Wednesday, 30 January 2013

St Brelade Deputies - Deputy Montfort Tadier

I'm doing a look at our Parish deputies in St Brelade, in a follow up to the current stalled proposition by Constable Sadie Rennard in the States about pay, and asked the Deputies some questions about that, but I also thought it was a good occasion to widen the scope of my enquiry, and ask some extra questions about their work in the Parish.

They have very kindly found time to reply, and consented to this information being made public.

I make no comment on the replies; these questions and answers are purely to be informative. I have a very strict personal code of conduct on information supplied in this way, which should not be presented selectively or with spin of any sort. So here are just questions and answers, and nothing more. In fairness to the Deputies, I won't be allowing comments, but I will ask them any questions arising from comments.

Over the next three days, I'll be posting their responses, and here is the second of those - Deputy Montfort Tadier:

1. Did you take the pay rise, or refuse it?I have taken the rise. I have no problem in doing so, as I have consistently fought to secure cost of living adjustments for other workers in the island.

2. If you took the pay rise, are you donating all of it to charity? If so, which charity/charities?
I have agreed/decided  to support the following non-profit organisations/charities with the increase:  Reform Jersey, Jersey Hospice and Jersey Care Leavers.

3. If you took the pay rise, and are donating it to charity/charities, will you continue to do so for this term of office?I give according to my means and future generosity will depend on future means.

4. Do you have parish surgeries? (If you can supply any details, that would be great)Yes. Currently, the St Brelade reps hold joint ones. I will be recommencing personal ones from the Horse and Hound on Monday evenings. Details to follow on my blog.

5. Do you think Deputies should, if possible, be elected in the Parish in which they are living (at the time of election)Ideally in the same district. But most important is that they are perceived to have strong links to the parish; be available and in tune with the needs and opinions of constituents. After all, they are the districts representative in the States. It is for the voters to decide ultimately.

6. What do you think are the most important Parish issues that need addressing? (only reply if you have time)As a States Member, many of the issues facing the parish are the same for the whole island. I cannot speak for the whole parish, as I represent only one district which happens to be in the Parish. Nonetheless, the big issues of interest to residents are:
1) The provision of a new or revitalised secondary school (Les Quennevais) - this affects a very large catchment area, not just St Brelade. Notwithstanding  the schools excellent performance, it is far too small now for its intake.
2) Provision of a new Hospital for ALL islanders.
3) Regeneration of Les Quennevais, including parking, road maintenance and green spaces. Les Quennevais is one of the most densely populated areas in the island, yet has been neglected by the States (and previously the Parish). Ideally, I would like to see a masterplan with joined thinking for the whole area.

7. Do you try and attend notable public Parish events? (e.g. Jubilee celebrations last year, Christmas celebrations at St Aubin)Yes

8. Do you communicate with the Constable on a regular basis, or an ad hoc basis?We have regular meetings, but also ad hoc when issues arise.

9. Do you communicate with your fellow Deputies on a regular basis, or an ad hoc basis?We have regular meetings, but also ad hoc when issues arise.

10. Can I make this information public?Yes

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