Saturday, 5 January 2013


A rather different poem, to try and capture the atmosphere of place and time. And where better than Murray's!

There's a warmth, a cosy air, that relaxes me
It's the ambience, the mood, but hard to say
I've met friends there many times, a place to be
An oasis in life, a moment of calm in the day
But when we enter, there is no room at the inn
But Murray himself appears, tells us just to wait
People are about to leave, soon room within
And soon enough we are seated on our date
Plans for a coffee thrown to winds, better fare
The menu so inviting, so we order food
And sit back, relax, in comfortable, easy chair
Kick off your shoes and relax, this is the mood
And the sign on the wall! And then it comes
Jacket potato, tuna and sweetcorn, salad too
Who would not be tempted? Taste succumbs:
We enjoy the hot repast together, me and you
Good healthy food, nourishing, a tasty treat
And our being together here is such delight
Memories to savour, talking while we eat
And then hold hands, eye to eye in sight
Outside, the rain falls steadily on the road
Rivulets upon the windows streaming down
But inside, warmth and happiness overflowed
And the village is a better place than town.

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