Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Monday in Tweets

I've been looking out and about on Twitter, looking for memorable tweets. I rather like this one from Richard Coles (and I know just how he feels when ours jams):

"While my theology will not admit an eternal battle between the forces of light and darkness this photocopier's an irredeemably evil bastard"

On a philosophical note, Richard Dawkin's tweets that  "The world is divided into those who take words to mean what they clearly say, and those who ignore meaning and go for the emotional jugular".

This is from the man who also tweets "With respect to those meanings of 'human' that are relevant to the morality of abortion, any fetus is less human than an adult pig" Clearly he goes for the emotional jugular, because common sense suggests that a fetus develops into a fully formed human being, while an adult pig does not. Aristotle makes more sense than Dawkins.

Another of Dawkin's Tweets: "I compared the speaking style of a self-promoting rabbi to Hitlerian shrieks. Made it clear there was NO other similarity. But oh, the fuss!" This is from the man who tells us that some people ignore meaning and go for the emotional jugular. Maybe he should look in a mirror sometimes!

BBC News Tweets that "Banks in Cyprus will not open on Tuesday as planned. Closed until at least Wednesday, news agencies report." This is a very worrying situation, and it must be incredibly difficult and stressful for the people of Cyprus. Perhaps rather than Europe suggesting and failing options, the IMF could intervene?

In Saudi Arabia, Tom Holland tweets "Seems the Saudis want 2 execute 1 of their own citizens 4 apostasy. Probably won't help much, but there's a petition" (https://www.change.org/petitions/free-and-safeguard-raif-badawy-a-liberal-saudi-accused-of-apostasy).

Apostacy still carries a death sentence in many Islamic countries, something that tends to be played down. "There is no compulsion in religion" means that you can't be forced to become a Muslim, but once inside, the gate is barred and padlocked, and there is no easy escape.

In Guernsey a Tweet notes that "Data commissioner quits after inquiry is dropped". This looks like a story that won't go away, especially as the Assistant Data Commissioner had been building up a case which she was apparently told to drop; and she is subject to a gagging order. Stuart Syvret gleefully comments on the resignation: "This is going to be splendidly entertaining."

An article I was reading said this kind of deal scuppered NHS whistleblowing, the rise of a kind of severance deal called "compromise agreements", which had inbuilt gagging orders, beloved by lawyers and employers, as it avoids messy and public tribunals.

Former Doctor Who Colin Baker has become embroiled in a particularly thoughtless piece of journalism. An article about producer John Nathan-Turner as a "sexual predator" uses a picture of Colin Baker with John Nathan Turner. What idiot used that picture?

The article has nothing to do with Baker, and it is clear that he has nothing to do with the allegations against Nathan-Turner, but just was Dr Who during that period, hence the picture. Colin Baker tweets: "Was it naive of me to think that things might be different after Leveson? Thank goodness my family are finding it funny - but they know me."

But the press are still not behaving well. Graham Jones MP tweets "Just raised the death of #lucymeadows in the House of Commons. Universal sympathy. Speaker described such journalist actions as despicable."

Locally, Russell Labey tweets "shifted a lot, a lot of horse manure in the last two days". Can this be a veiled reference to his intervention for Option C in the Referendum against the other Options A and B?

Trevor Pitman has finally given in to my portrayal of him as a kind of political Brian Blessed - very loud, no volume control. He tweets: "Thought I should tell you I am now following Brian Blessed. Thought I could use some of his drama in a speech sometime!" Try shouting "Gorst is alive", Trevor. If you have ever watched Brian Blessed's performance in the movie "Flash", you'll know what I mean.

Sam Mézec shows how blissfully ignorant he is of the need for a Parish to balance the books "Parish rates will only rise under #OptionA if you vote for a Constable who says they'll raise them. Solution? Don't vote for one that will." Heaven help him if he ever tries to run a business!

My own tweet on the Referendum: "Electoral Commission / Vote.JE website. Should there be text in Portuguese / Polish?" That has been rather overlooked, I think. Are the supporters of the different options also going to address this on their websites? I think they should.

Channel TV tweets that "Jsy - Suspension takes toll on Dean". I'm not surprised. It is being stuck in a kind of limbo, and not knowing what is happening that must be bad. I hope the investigation does not drag out endlessly. Justice delayed is justice denied, and whatever the outcome, it is still better than just waiting in limbo.

BBC News notes that "Jersey to recruit five new midwives after rise in births". I am amazed they resisted the temptation to tweet "Call the Midwife"! I wonder if any of them are called "Chummy"?

Guernsey Donkey notes that: "Rather ironically "hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia" is the fear of long words.
(That's just cruel )"

Meanwhile Richard Coles is still dishing up some amusing tweets:

"Controversy over the proper components of a Lancashire hot pot thunders round Twitter like the many hooved ingredients of a Findus lasagne."

And I'll finish with one of my favourite Tweets from the C.S. Lewis followers: "When I was 10 I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am 50 I read them openly.". And quite right too!


Sam Mézec said...

Totally taken my Tweet out of context. It was about Constables wages and the scaremongering that is going on telling people that under Option A Constables will inevitably be getting wages and the rates will go up accordingly. Obviously nonsense coming from those who are blissfully ignorant of how the Parishes work.

TonyTheProf said...

On the contrary, while the smaller Parishes may manage with an unpaid Constable, I was told face to face by Simon Crowcroft that either St Helier would need a Chief Executive and an honorary Constable or would have to pay the Constable suitable remuneration; in other words, money from Parish rates.

I agree with him; it is a nonsense to think otherwise. Maybe you should ask him why, after all, he is in the A-Team; it might just be that being a Constable he has a rather better idea of his job than you do.