Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Monday Snow in Tweets

Here are snow related Tweets from Monday in Jersey (and one from Guernsey). No prizes, but well done if you spot the deliberate odd one out. And it isn't the Guernsey one...

Jersey Met ‏@Jersey_Met
Red Snow Warning - Snow & sev gales on Monday -> blizzard conditions by mid to late morning. 5 to 10 cm quite likely with sig drifting.

Juliette Gallichan ‏@JulietteG27
Power has gone down at St Mary's Parish Hall and until we work out what's happened we have no phone lines either. sorry for inconvenience!

Mont Les Vaux still closed,tree down by Shell House, no diversion. @GaryBurgessITV @SophiaWeather @bbcjersey @itvchanneltv @Channel103News

Plenty of trees down on one side on the road, 1 on Route Orange another just past turning to Beaumont @bbcjersey

GuernseyMuseums ‏@GuernseyMuseums
We are closing shortly due to this unseasonable heatwave. It's just too hot. See you all tomorrow! Seriously we are closing, so is the cafe.

Juliette Gallichan ‏@JulietteG27
Parish Hall power & phones now back up (JEC had to cut power while attending to fallen tree nearby) but office now shut 'til tomorrow

ITV News Channel TV ‏@itvchanneltv
Jsy - SNOW UPDATE: Island comes to standstill: http://rssa.at/3269534

JessStevenson ‏@JStevensonITV
Police and Ambulance personnel being stationed around the island so they can respond to life-threatening and serious emergencies

BBC Radio Jersey ‏@bbcjersey
More trees are expected to fall as gale force winds continue. Roads and pathways blocked across Jersey. 10 trees down in St. John alone.

JEP Newsdesk ‏@JEPnews
Photo - Mont Fellard closed due to a fallen tree. pic.twitter.com/RL4ZQmPj2g

Gary Burgess ‏@GaryBurgessITV
@electricjersey say worst affected parishes are St Lawrence & St Peter, tho some disruption in Trinity and St Martin. #CIsnow

BBC Radio Jersey ‏@bbcjersey
Mother & two children unharmed after tree falls onto house in Grouville. Roof and chimney badly damaged. (JF)

States of Jersey ‏@StatesofJersey
Cyril Le Marquand House closed from 2pm.

ITV News Channel TV ‏@itvchanneltv
Jersey Electricity say conditions are the worst since the Great Storm of 1987. http://www.channelonline.tv/channelonline_jerseynews/DisplayArticle.asp?ID=504264 … #CISnow

Channel 103 News ‏@Channel103News
20 Overhead Powerlines Are Damaged - more - http://bit.ly/17atG8

BBC Radio Jersey ‏@bbcjersey
BBC News - Jersey blizzard: Two hundred homes lose electricity http://bbc.in/13Ruxns

Took over 2 hours to get from Bulwer Avenue to Victoria Road. Do not drive!!!

Simon Jupp ‏@simonjamesjupp
CLIPPER: Wind too strong to enter St Peter Port at the moment but they haven't made a final decision. @BBCGuernsey @bbcjersey

LibertyBus ‏@LibertyBusje
Do be careful on the pavements this afternoon/evening, they are still quite slippy!

Gary Burgess ‏@GaryBurgessITV
COMMON SENSE VICTORY: no traffic warden car park fines at all in Guernsey and Jersey today say @GuernseyPolice and #TTS.

States of Jersey ‏@StatesofJersey
TTS will waive parking fines today and accept payment for a day's parking. This only effects the 13 drivers who didn't put up paycards.

Lucy Stephenson ‏@LucyStevoJSY
Usually i love snow, but this kind isn't fun. Had enough now, thanks for coming, see ya #goawaysnow #CISnow

Gary Burgess ‏@GaryBurgessITV
UPDATE from @electricjersey: At least half the damaged overhead cables have now been repaired. ...well done to the team. #CIsnow

Simon Jupp ‏@simonjamesjupp
Clipper couldn't get into Guernsey so now heading into Jersey. Should arrive 6:10pm.

Jersey Education ‏@JerseyEducation
Highlands College will be closed tomorrow along with other Jersey schools. More bad weather on the way.

lyndonfarnham ‏@lyndonfarnham
Thinking about all of the emergency and honorary services working right now to keep our island going throughout the appalling conditions ..

David Warr ‏@WarrOnWords
Wow! Relieved to get home in one piece, it's totally mad out there. Fingers crossed tomorrow. Good luck to our emergency services.

JEP Newsdesk ‏@JEPnews
Two people have been hit by a falling tree on the Railway Walk. Rescue services are at the scene.

Only in the Channel Islands. TTS unveil their new #Jersey snow plough…... pic.twitter.com/PlJHh40Dcn

Stuart Syvret ‏@StuartSyvret
Snow still falling wind gusting to 60mph; night drops as 11 metre high-tide sucked higher by low pressure & thrashed by gale threatens coast

Stuart Syvret ‏@StuartSyvret
Looking at conditions, I wouldn't be out in this without wearing my mountaineering gear. Most roads impassable, most people walking.....

Stuart Syvret ‏@StuartSyvret
......sadly, would not be surprised if some people on foot ended up dying in this; falls, exhaustion, hypothermia.

Stuart Syvret ‏@StuartSyvret
...not even sure Jersey emergency services have enough suitable vehicles to be combing roads for exhausted walkers.

Kevin Stewart ‏@kevinstewartgsy
Snowfall (a Jersey Downfall parody) lol http://youtu.be/GCexKtnKcRM

lyndonfarnham ‏@lyndonfarnham
Good work by all the media today keeping us updated. Thank you

Philip Ozouf ‏@philipozouf
Please don't go and drive without winter tyres or chains. Roads are getting blocked and dangerous.

Matthew Hotton ‏@MatthewHotton
Loads of drifting snow near @DurrellWildlife, wouldn't be surprised if there's a few blocked roads by morning.

Murray Norton ‏@MurrayNorton
Mont Les Vaux closed. Tree fell on two cars. No injuries. Clearing up going on now.

Dan Snow ‏@thehistoryguy
Want to know why Syria is gripped by civil war? Watch my History of Syria at 9pm tonight on BBC2.

Simon Crowcroft ‏@SimonCrowcroft
Thanks to all the honorary police across the island, and the States and parish workers keeping Jsy moving

LibertyBus ‏@LibertyBusje
A lorry has overturned at Beaumont causing delays. Please be extra careful on the roads today! #cisnow

scariest moment of #ciSnow so far - getting back to car park to find car had slid down hill out of our space - 2 car lengths forward!

Jersey Education ‏@JerseyEducation
Thanks to everyone who retweeted our school closure messages today. Hope you stay safe and warm tomorrow

ITV News Channel TV ‏@itvchanneltv
Jersey schools will be closed again tomorrow. #CISnow

By the way if you have a car by the pink elephant park in Quennevais I suggest you check it! #CIsnow #blizzardtastic

Rowena M Davies ‏@TheOnlyGuru Protected account
@SophiaWeather @GaryBurgessITV @itvchanneltv @JsyFire @StatesofJersey @JerseyPolice Service above, & beyond the call of duty today. #Thanks

Kristina Moore ‏@Moore4StPeter
At least 2 cars abandoned on Rue de la Hague, St Peter. Snow drifts 3 to 4 ft high and getting deeper!

Kevin Pamplin ‏@KevinPamplin
Off air after 5 hours of LIVE powerful local radio on @BBCJersey This is why I do what I do and why I say #MakeTheSwitch Thank you all!

Stuart Syvret ‏@StuartSyvret
Just went outside; conditions pretty wild; still snowing, still windy, but maybe a little less? But predicted to worsen over night.

Kristina Moore ‏@Moore4StPeter
Very relieved power back on. Grateful to everyone working outside in these horrendous conditions today


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