Saturday, 2 March 2013

Postcard from London

Email and texts and Tweets are all wonderful means of instant communication, but there is actually nothing quite like the thrill of a postcard coming through the door. Like a Tweet, it has to be fairly short, but it is not as ephemeral. The pictures on it stay, visible, perhaps propped up on a mantelpiece to see every time you go past. This poem is about postcards and romance...

Postcard from London

Through letterbox, a postcard came today:
Waiting for me as I came in the door
Leaving your hand, in a pillar box, on the way
Until I reached to take it from the floor

Lots of pictures, famous London sights
Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square
St Paul's Cathedral, all these delights
Makes me so wish that I could be there

But real treasure was on the other side
Words to me, on dreams come true
Of how we met, and walked side by side
Of time in Jersey, when I first met you

From London to Jersey, a postcard is sent
Just one piece of card, but a joyous event.

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