Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Friendly Faces at Communicare

I took this around 5.30pm outside Communicare, just before going in to vote. Pictured are (left to right), Constable Steve Pallett, Reg Langlois, Deputy Sean Power, and Deputy Montfort Tadier.

Despite having been there for a considerable period, the sunshine no doubt had raised their spirits, and they were all in a friendly mood, no animosity between them.

There were three B supporters and one A, which led me to joke that it was rather like a game of scrabble!

The results for St Brelade were
956 A
957 B
377 C

and 31 spoilt papers

and on the second round (because this was an alternative vote election, with the lowest dropping out, and any second ranked choices redistributed)

978 A
1109 B

which meant that Option C 2nd choices were distributed:
22 A
158 B

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