Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Victoria College Jersey Registers Online 1852-1956

I have now scanned the entire admissions from the Register from 1930-1956, which was a bound publication, and put it online for family historians at Scribd.

Some entries are very sparse, others contain a potted history of family background, family members, and subsequent career of pupils.

The documents are scanned in landscape mode, so will need to be downloaded as PDFs, which can then be viewed rotated by 90%. Scribd has a facility for downloading documents as PDFs, which is very simple - just click on links as appropriate. For more help see:



Previously, I scanned the entire admissions from the Register from 1852-1929, which was a bound publication, and put it online for family historians at Scribd.


A transcribed index can be found at:

Interpreting the listing - an illustration

Dupre, EM, 1929. Entrance 1883
Edward Martin, son of E Dupre, ST Peter's. Capt. RJ Militia. Deceased.

The listings give the name, parent, parent's address, then occupation of pupil after leaving college.


If the parent has a prefix, e.g. Dr., this would be son of Dr xxx. etc. or son of Capt. xxx.
Otherwise it refers to the pupil's subsequent history. In this instance, Edward Dupre became a captain in the Royal Jersey Militia.

Deceased, where stated, means that the information filtered back to the register, and that they were known to have died before the publication date (around 1930), not that they necessarily died in the war. That is usually stated if the case.

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