Saturday, 13 April 2013

Political People

Having been to a Referendum meeting last night, this poem reflects on how much our ability with language marks us out as different from other living creatures. It is something we can easily overlook, but the smallest occasion, a meeting of around 100 people, with speakers and listeners, is still a marvel, a living miracle. We are just so used to that we take it for granted...

Political People

I find myself a comfortable seat
Awaiting the talks with eager ears
Speakers make points, a verbal beat
It is good natured, no one jeers

Alas! There is no Parliament of Owls
Bears having picnic in the wood
A dog does not debate, it only growls
How different we are that we could!

It goes with notice, this amazing feat
Communication, arguments, and talk
And someone makes the odder Tweet
Language makes us, we don't squawk

I watch the miracle of humankind unfold
In just one meeting, if truth be told.

1 comment:

Nick Le Cornu said...


Your question last night was adeptly side stepped by the A team speakers. It is not they that will be mouting the political and legal challenge in the Uk.

The Brits wont accept legislation based on Option B. Too blatantly unfair and gerrymandered. Reminds me of Derry or should that be Londonderry.

The Brits will say no, and ask for it to be revised and tell the Jersey government to "go back and start again".

The point you missed is that the challenge will be by judicial review in the High Court were the Privy Council to pass B. We would then be into the Sark scenario and we know who won there.