Friday, 26 April 2013

Jersey Electoral Reform Referendum 2013 Results at a Glance

Today's post is an "Infogram" very kindly provided by Thomas Hathaway, a young graduate who has put a number of election figures into an informative diagram. It's a skill that I don't have, so I am very appreciative of his excellent work.

If it appears too small, click on it to enlarge the image.


Mark Forskitt said...

Nicely done. I have mangled a few figures through a spreadsheet to look at what happens if you take the referendum as indicative ie in the manner of an opinion poll (as it is non binding) and scaled up to the whole population by parish by parish. The result is exceedingly close. I'll see if I can pull it into a blog.

Nick Le Cornu said...

I have asked the Greffier of the States for a full breakdown of all statistics that have been recorded in the count. This should be set up on the internet for future research.

We also desperately need research into the past about elections in Jersey about which we are totally oblivious, since the primary research has not been done. Professor Adrian Lee of Plymouth University and BBC Radio Jersey official election commentator appears to have done a lot of research and comes out with fascinating anecdotes and information. It is sad to note that the expert on Jersey political history is an English academic and that the locals are in ignorance. The amnesia is deliberate.

TonyTheProf said...

I agree we need better stats. But I don't buy into the deliberate conspiracy theory.