Saturday, 24 May 2014

Some comic poems

For today, some light hearted poems. UKIP are doing well, so they feature in this poem which has a surrealist twist at the end.

Euro voting

Election fever hits the streets
For all those funny old EU seats
And UKIP is trying, will they win
With Nigel Farage's beaming grin?
But the Green Party seems so small
Where did they go, how did they fall?
Cannibalism, I say, yes it is all true!
The Green party has so much to rue:
Every dinner, mothers have routines
Say to their children, eat the Greens!

And a pastiche of a nursery rhyme, on bankers - maybe they will be using this in nursery schools?

Hey diddle, diddle
The bonus and the fiddle
The banker was over the moon
The hedge manager laughed
To see such sport
But sub prime loans sank the tycoon

And finally, two clerihews, one after the Eurovision song contest:

The singer Conchita
Enjoyed eating a margarita
After winning the Eurovision contest
While so very elegantly dressed

And one about Winston Churchill

In the blitz, Winston Churchill
Was never dressed to kill
Instead, he wore an old boiler suit
Which was really quite astute

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