Thursday, 10 July 2014

May Retrospective

A look back at my top blog posts for the month in May, according to Google Statistics on my blog: It is a little later than usual! Links and a few extracts to whet the appetite, or not, as the case may be. I always find it interesting to see what rises to the top of the lists, and sometimes something from further back, or even a year ago, can resurface.
Saturday Limericks
Up to the top again, my post on Limericks. Here's the Postman Pat one:
There once was a small cat called Jess
Whose fur was a black and white mess
And she went in a van
With a funny old man
It was Postman Pat, as you'd guess!
States of Jersey Development Company: Review of Accounts
An analysis of their latest released accounts.
"Certainly the statement by Lee Henry - 'It remains the position today based on independent professional advice that the JIFC scheme will generate a net return in the order of £50 million for the public.' - begs the question - when?"
Coming up in the States
Various, including the proposition to elect the Chief Minister by Island wide vote.
"It may seem plodding at times, and frustrating, but consensus politics is not mediocre, except in the sense of the "aurea mediocritas", the golden mean of Horace. Ministerial government has created an executive and a class of political outsiders, I believe that anything which widens that gap, and makes it a yawning chasm is bad for Jersey."
Deconstructing A Comment
A tongue in cheek look at PPCs reply to Eddie Noel's proposal to keep States free parking at Pier Road, and not return it to Snow Hill.
The Committee accepts that the public need for accessible and convenient spaces in St. Helier overrides that of States members' needs; however, it also acknowledges that States Members have a civic duty to perform and should not be hindered in doing so.
Translation: States members need perks. They are important people, you know.
Could it be time the JDC curtailed its lofty ambitions?
A guest posting by Dave Cabeldu.
"To date £4m has been spent on the Esplanade proposals without a penny of income yet being evident anywhere on the horizon. The JDC directors have received emoluments of £400,000 in salaries plus 142,000 in bonuses!"
Stinking Bishop and a Wake Up Call
At the end of the Wallace and Gromit film, Wallace lies almost fatally dying after a fall until Gromit revives him with a sniff of "Stinking Bishop" cheese.
There was a degree of upset not unlike sniffing that cheese caused by the Anglican Bishop of Willesden, Greater London, England, putting a comment on Peter Ould's blog. In it, among other matters, Bishop Pete Broadbent commented on the case of HG, and "the dull and witless way that the Dean handled things"
Jersey Historic Abuse Inquiry: Guest Posting
Guest posting by Carrie Modral:
"This is a plea for all abuse victims in Jersey to please come forward and tell your story to the COI. Each of you have a story to tell, let your story be heard and recorded in Jersey's history for all time! Please don't be nervous about coming forward, the team are compassionate and caring, they want to hear what you have to say and you can ask to remain anonymous. Each and every one of you are part of a big jigsaw, please help me to them to piece that jigsaw together and get the true picture."
The Bald Truth: A Global Brand
Still popular, my March posting on "Bald Truth" people across the world.
"Nobody believes the official spokesman... but everybody trusts an unidentified source."
Byzantine Interim Episcopal Oversight?
Byzantine: excessively complicated, typically involving a great deal of administrative detail.
A look at the convoluted oversight arrangements with the Bishop of Dover and the Anglican Churches in Jersey and Guernsey


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