Saturday, 24 June 2017

Midsummer Magic

As it it Midsummer and a recent summer solstice, I thought I'd write a rondeau to celebrate this time. Midsummer is traditionally 24th June because it was that date in the old Julian calendar, but when the calendar was reformed under Pope Gregory the Great, the new Midsummer (and solstice) moved to around the 21 June. That is why Shakespeare has a Midsummer Night's Dream on 23rd June (Midsummer's Eve) while the real Midsummer's day is now several days adrift from that.

Midsummer Magic

In moonlit night, the magic shines
The dolmen marks the sacred signs
Jupiter is rising, sharp point of light
The bringer of joy, and much delight
Until in dawn sky, then declines

We mark the quarters out in lines
Our magic drawn in strange designs
Beneath the stars, the sky so bright
In moonlit night

Dance in the grove, in round outlines
Sign softly songs, and make the signs
The spiral: opening the quarter’s rite
In druid robes, all garbed in white
We take the chalice, drink the wines
In moonlit night

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