Monday, 4 December 2017

Update on Temporary Building at Beauport

April 2016

December 2017

In April 2016, I posted a piece on my blog about these buildings, and was effectively told in a rather forceful email that it was misleading, and to take it down. Instead, I changed it to reflect the new information, which was that the structures on the headland of Beauport were "temporary site sheds built on scaffolding" being used for restoration work.

I would be interested in knowing anything more about what is happening, because the scaffolding surrounding them seems to have been removed, and they are still there, appearing to be much more permanent. 

Some details on the restoration work would be very useful, and why these structures are still there, and if I can get anything official, or anyone else knows anything, I'll post up a follow up. This is just highlighting the matter that I need more information, and I am not making any suppositions, so it doesn't need any strident emails.

In the meantime, below is my original piece, and above are photos taken in April 2016 and December 2017, so that readers can see for themselves what it looks like. I think more information is in the public interest, as it is clearly visible across Beauport Bay.

Posting from April 2016

I originally posted this as "unplanned building at Beauport", mainly because there was a planning application (see details below) which was withdrawn.

I've since been informed that " the buildings are temporary site sheds built on scaffolding" and are there for restoration work on existing buildings. This is from a trustworthy source, and I apologise for the mistake, which was made mainly because there did not seem to be any public details of that restoration, and to the distant eye, it does look like some kind of development.

I'm leaving the photos up, so that anyone who also thinks there is a development taking place, will be able to read that there is not, and what is really happening. It is good that the new owner is undertaking restoration work.

In fact, Chris on Facebook says:

"This was reply from planning ..... Just checked it out with Historic Environment Team and Compliance. It is just for a site cabin as one of the buildings are being restored. The application was withdrawn so nothing approved. They've had daily checks from our team so we're comfortable everything is within the rules."

The original story in the JEP can be read here:

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Graham Mourant said...

I used to do the gardens at the battery and that was rather a sound structure was used as an artists studio many years ago...