Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Temporary Building at Beauport for Restoration Work

I originally posted this as "unplanned building at Beauport", mainly because there was a planning application (see details below) which was withdrawn.

I've since been informed that " the buildings are temporary site sherds built on scaffolding" and are there for restoration work on existing buildings. This is from a trustworthy source, and I apologise for the mistake, which was made mainly because there did not seem to be any public details of that restoration, and to the distant eye, it does look like some kind of development.

I'm leaving the photos up, so that anyone who also thinks there is a development taking place, will be able to read that there is not, and what is really happening. It is good that the new owner is undertaking restoration work.

In fact, Chris on Facebook says:

"This was reply from planning ..... Just checked it out with Historic Environment Team and Compliance. It is just for a site cabin as one of the buildings are being restored. The application was withdrawn so nothing approved. They've had daily checks from our team so we're comfortable everything is within the rules."

Planning Application Withdrawn.

The building on the site is temporary, as stated above, and nothing to do with the planning application, which was withdrawn.

The planning application, as the JEP reported, was made by the new owners, but after objection, they decided to withdraw it.

Details of the story can be read here:

Five objections, including concerns about noise and light pollution, were been registered on the Planning Department’s website, including one from the National Trust for Jersey which stated:

"It appears to the Trust that although this land has had some development in the past it appears to be partly garden. discreet steps and small areas of paving. The proposed plans would be a considerable encroachment into the CNP and urbanises what appears to be still a wild hillside‘ "

"No elevations are provided but the Tmst is concerned that there is a possibility the proposed development will be seen from La Cotte, Ouaisine and Beauport Bay.The proposed changes would seriously affect the character of the CNP in this area."

However, as stated, the application was withdrawn, and the current buildings on the site are for much needed restoration work on the existing building, and are only temporary.

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emilie said...

The other 'development' that I have problems understanding how permission was ever given is the changes made to the small boat house at the far end of Portelet Bay. As soon as you reach the beach and look across you cannot but help notice this eyesore.