Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Breaking News

Some interesting news on the BBC news today.

After an abysmal performance when quizzed on Channel 4 News, Senator Terry le Sueur is going to get professional training on how to speak succinctly and clearly. The States of Jersey Communications Department has confirmed that Lord Tim Bell, who successfully improved Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's television performance, has been approached. "I look forward to the challenge", said Lord Bell, "although unlike Mrs Thatcher, it is clear this client needs to be more assertive and forceful."

The States Property Holdings are to be combined with the assets held by the Waterfront Enterprise Board into a new entity, an Island Wide Enterprise Board. Because it is a new entity, when created, former Managing Director Steven Izzat will have to apply for the position of Managing Director, if he wants the new job. The scheme is the brainchild of Deputy John le Fondré, who cited the move from d'Hautrée School to Haute Vallée School as creating a precedent. "When Haute Vallée School opened it was a completely new school," he said, "so it was not unreasonable to ask staff to re-apply for new jobs. The same will be true of the new position. If Mr Izzat wishes to apply, that is his decision." It is not known whether the remuneration will be on the same scale, but Senator Shenton has called for the salary of the new position to be strictly regulated by the States. Mr Izzat, who is on a pot-holing holiday in Yorkshire, was not available for comment. The full title of the new entity will be the All Property Resources Island Land Board.

St James Centre will form the venue for a new offshoot of Buddhism. Over in Jersey to give a series of talks, beginning at 11.00 Wednesday morning, the Venerable Loof Lipra will be celebrating Mantric Buddhism, an offshoot of Buddhism which was founded in Kuala Lumpur on the 1st of April 1869, but has since been enjoying rapid world-wide success. It involves a frenzied chanting, followed by a time of meditative silence until noon.

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