Thursday, 30 April 2009

A Fair Recommendation on Pay

The JEP has already reported on part of this story:

PUBLIC sector workers have been told that they will not be offered a pay increase this year.(1)

And now the Chief Minister has come out with both this - and a supplementary sentence which has information not mentioned at the time of the JEP report - on States members pay:

At our last meeting we decided there should be a pay freeze for public sector staff in 2009/2010.  We took the decision with the States Employment Board in attendance. The States will now be asked to withdraw the 2% which had been set aside in department budgets to fund this year's pay awards. Ministers also decided that they would recommend a pay freeze for States members.

I assume therefore that the Council of Ministers will support Connétable Colin Egre's proposition, and give full force to his recommendations:

THE STATES are asked to decide whether they are of opinion -
(a)        to agree that the £1,000 per annum interim increase in remuneration for States members for 2009 should be withdrawn with effect from 1st April 2009 and that no increase should then be paid for the remainder of 2009; and
(b)        to request the Privileges and Procedures Committee to notify the States' Members' Remuneration Review Body that it should cease work on formulating recommendations on the level of remuneration for elected members for future years until the last quarter of 2009.(3)


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