Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New Blogs

A few weeks ago, I heard on BBC Radio Jersey that Geoff Cook, of Jersey Finance, had begun a blog

Alas! It's a more like a selection of personal press releases; it has no place for comments.

The above - Simon Crowcroft's - is much more of a standard blog. And a most interesting opening. Where is St James Wine Bar? Where is St James Street? And is it the same as James Street? If not, where is that? I never realized street names in St Helier could be so confusing, and I'm going to have a look in the Almanac to see if there are any others. A great insight into a small part of the quirky matters that crop up for a Connetable, and it is not frivolous either, despite the entertaining way in which Simon - clearly a good writer! - presents it. I look forward to more!

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Anonymous said...

It's not just in town. There are 2 Mont Vibert in St Ouen.