Friday, 10 April 2009


The cool of the garden that one last night
It was so very dark, with swiftly fading light
And we were called upon to watch with him
As the night grew darker, and sight so dim
We heard him pray, crying out in anguish
Sweating in his pain, almost feverish
And then we fell asleep, his loyal friends
The ones on whom he now depends
We heard him pray, to heed God's call
But we could not wait one hour at all
No one is ever told what might have been
But I still regret we slept unseen.


Nick Palmer said...

At the bottom of your blog you have this counter.

Today is the 18,786th day of your life.
You have 4,956 days until your last day.

How come it gives you about 65 years total? Take some vitamins or something!

TonyTheProf said...

I was wondering how long it would take anyone to notice that! I'm working on an average basis, factoring in the artic meltdown and severe global warming as a result. I think the planet may be uninhabitable by humans by that time. I hope I'm wrong!

Nick Palmer said...

Of course - silly me! David Bowie said we had 5 years - you reckon we have 13.5. The Mayans said 2012 was the big crunch - I'm shooting for 2062 as my own personal exit pursued by a bear...