Thursday, 2 April 2009

Deputy Anne Dupre - Manifest Dishonesty

The proposition to exempt items from GST came up again in the States. It was split into two parts:

Goods and Services Tax: exemption or zero-rating for foodstuffs and domestic energy (Paragraph (a)(i)-food  

This is the way Anne Dupre voted:
Deputy Anne Teresa Dupre - CONTRE

This is what her election manifesto said:

GST: I am totally against GST on food and children's clothes. In 1973 the UK government introduced VAT, but food, children's clothes, books, newspapers and magazines were zero-rated or exempt. We normally follow the UK in a somewhat slavish way, but on this occasion, the States thought they knew best - how wrong they were! The majority of Islanders are against this tax as it affects every single person, from the young to the old. It affects the care homes, hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries etc.

In fairness, I should mention that her election manifesto did not in fact mention GST on energy, but this part

Goods and Services Tax: exemption or zero-rating for foodstuffs and domestic energy (paragraph (a)(ii)-domestic energy   01 April 2009

She did in fact vote for:

Deputy Anne Teresa Dupre -  POUR

Nevertheless, the complete about turn on her manifesto promise in such a short space of time is amazing! I would hope an explanation or better still - an apology for misleading her constituents - would be forthcoming. As I've said before, I have no problem with people (such as Sean Power or Ian Gorst) who are consistently against exemptions  - I think where the JEC is concerned, it would be nice to see if they could have a rethink - but people who say one thing, and flatly contradict it with their actions - should treat their electors better. Surely we need some standards of honesty in public life?



voiceforchildren said...


Deputy Dupre is nothing short of a disgrace to her position.She is an enemy of the working class and has become what is descibed as "lobby fodder". She votes how she's told to vote by Ozouf and co without a single thought to her Parishioners.

voiceforchildren said...

Anne Dupre

Anonymous said...

No surprise here then. Dupre is the typical parish know nothing that gets elected and then does exactly what the Establishment wants. People vote for them believing them to be a "safe pair of hands" only to be short changed by their intellectual vacuity. When will the electorate learn? When will the electoral abstainers learn that their abstention does not produce good government.

Anonymous said...

She needs to explain to the people who put faith in her,why she has taken a "u " turn on something she clearly stated in her very minimal manifesto.
Her idea to curb bored teenagers,was to play more netball.
Try tellign that to the kids who hang out at Liberation Square.
Teenage girls no longer want to join the guides.Enid Blyton has passed her sell out date.
Get back to playing bowls, or worrying about people going too fast past the parish hall.
The World is in crisis,and you are not cutting the muster.

futuatcher said...

In explaining her u-turn, she says 'the world has changed....'. Lame excuse, considering she didn't give herself a get-out in her manifesto, unlike Perchard and Routier.