Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Waterfront Follies

It is intriguing to see the way the new States is starting to shape up on Simon Crowcroft's proposition on the Waterfront.

Part A, on the halting the Hopkins Masterplan (refined, distilled by 25%) site, failed, as well it might now the sunken road has vanished from the equation. I wouldn't have supported that part of the proposition. As long as the Masterplan included a sunken road - maintenance of 1/2 million per annum by the States, don't forget, I would have been 100% against what seemed an act of political and economic suicide. Now that's not there, what remains, which retains car parking as well, is far more palatable.

Part B, on pausing the La Folie Inn Development, was passed, but by 26 to 21. Clearly there's some of the old "Web" spirit there. It will be interesting to see the debate and what was actually said. These were the votes

Senator Paul Francis Routier M.B.E. Contre
Senator Philip Francis Cyril Ozouf Contre
Senator Alan John Henry Maclean Contre
Senator Bryan Ian Le Marquand Contre
Senator Ian Joseph Gorst Contre
*Senator Lyndon John Farnham Contre

Connétable John Le Sueur Gallichan Contre
Connétable Daniel Joseph Murphy Contre
Connétable Leonard Norman Contre
Connétable John Martin Refault Contre
*Connétable Stephen William Pallett Contre

Deputy James Gordon Reed Contre
Deputy Anne Enid Pryke Contre
Deputy Kevin Charles Lewis Contre
Deputy Edward James Noel Contre
Deputy Andrew Kenneth Francis Green M.B.E. Contre
*Deputy Patrick John Dennis Ryan Contre
*Deputy James Patrick Gorton Baker Contre
*Deputy John Michael Le Bailly Contre
*Deputy Stephen George Luce Contre
*Deputy Kristina Louise Moore Contre

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