Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine Memories

In memory of Annie...

Valentine Memories
Do people think "Even now, after all this time?"
Yes, even now, for those moments were sublime;
I cannot forget, and even that moment at the end,
When you were still and cold, my lover, my friend,
And I kissed you one last time, cold lips on mine,
The passion remained. You drunk of the dark wine
And were lost to me, in pain, and grief, and tears;
But the memories remain, despite all my fears
Of forgetting, of fading away, all passion spent
I don't hold on, or try to keep alive, in cement
Those times of joy and sorrow. But as a gift
I have moments of epiphany, when that deep rift
Between the living and the dead is suddenly no more,
And it is almost like the opening of a bolted door;
I see you again in my minds eye, feel your touch;
Is it possible to love someone so strongly, so much?
As I see the couples walking on the beach, hand in hand
I see that time trickles away from us, like grains of sand
You were lost to me only yesterday, but at times I know
It feels as if you were lost so very, very long ago.


Anonymous said...

Such a small think. ;-) But such a great idea

Anonymous said...

Love never dies.