Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Death of Osiris

There are different versions of the death of Osiris, and this poem is drawn from some of those. In this version Osiris is the king, the power of order in nature, and Set the power of the chaotic in nature. As climate change takes hold, it seems the chaotic is coming out once more.

The Death of Osiris
Over Egypt, Osiris was the King
Descended from the mighty Ra
On his hand, an turquoise ring
In the heavens, a brightest star
Isis was his consort, his queen
The child of the earth and sky
By the Nile, land grew green
Gone was parched soil so dry
Set was strife in wind and rain
Sealed Osiris in a box of lead
Into the Nile, bound by chain
Until the mighty king was dead
Egypt laments the god who died
Into the underworld, our guide

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