Wednesday, 2 April 2014

There was once a States member called...

By way of something light-hearted, I have compiled a few limericks on local politics and politicians. I hope the readers find that these poke gentle fun at local politicians, and also some of the people involved in local politics.

There was a Chief Minister called Gorst
Who thought things could not get any worst
When planning did stray
But the Minister did stay
Then he thought, with that man I am cursed!

The Constable of St John was in a flurry
And exclaimed about fields full of slurry
They've polluted the water
And they really ought not to
So let's have main drains now in a hurry

Philip Ozouf made a fuss over street naming
"Non, non, non", he muttered, exclaiming
Saying that "La Rue a Don"
Should have the "La" gone
And for once, he is doing the blaming!

A BBC presenter called Price
Could be very pleasant and nice
Then like Jeremy Paxman
He became like an axe man
A lesson to politicians to think twice!

There was a bearded Minister of Planning
Thought to moving where airplanes landing
But to knock down a church spire
Was deemed terribly dire
And the idea came in for a panning.

A new law came out upon treason
Suddenly, without rhyme or reason
They said it would clear
An anomaly there
Coming early is the silly season!

A would be politician called Risoli
Said all we needed was transparency
He always said this
But votes he did miss
And his election prospects were lowly

Ron Duhamel spoke about wind power
On and on, he droned for an hour
And when he was done
Sarah Ferguson reached for her gun
And we watched the scared Deputy cower

Apologies to Rob Duhamel for the way in which he keeps cropping up, but his ideas do seem tailor made for comedy. And, just in case anyone asks, I do not believe Sarah Ferguson has got a gun, but it does make for rather a nice touch of surrealism. But I do know she's not too keen on wind power, and she's confirmed that to me.

Tomorrow I will be posting contributions which I have been sent from other people.

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