Wednesday, 17 September 2014

20 Senatorial Candidates

Candidates for Senator

Short blog today, the following 20 are standing for Senator.

Sarah Ferguson, currently Senator

Alan Maclean, currently Senator

Ian Gorst, currently Senator

Philip Ozouf, currently Senator

Paul Routier, currently Senator

Philip Bailhache, currently Senator

Lyndon Farnham, currently Senator

Sean Power, currently Deputy

Andrew Green, currently Deputy

John Young, currently Deputy

Anne Southern, wife of Deputy Geoff Southern, Reform Candidate

Zoe Anne Cameron, a St Ouen's GP.

Malcolm Ferey, Citizens Advice Bureau manager

Chris Magee, campaigner for cannabis legalisation

David Richardson, who works in Finance

Guy de Faye, Ex news presenter and former Deputy

Geoff Habin, businessman

Shirley Baudains Osbourne (originally was in States as Shirley Baudains)

Konrad Kruszynski, first Polishman

Charles Malcolm Hungerford, businessman

Senator Alan Breckon has decided not to stand.

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