Saturday, 27 September 2014

Happy Days

A bit of nostalgia today, on TV and films of bygone childhood.... I must watch Grease again!

Happy Days
Do you remember the Fonze on TV?
The real star of that show, to you and me
It was nostalgia, a fifties that never was
And just as untrue as the Wizard of Oz
But does that really matter? Past days
Are what we remember, the sun stays
High in the sky, and there is no rain
Because, as you know, it went to Spain
Peggy Sue got married, we sang along
You're the one that I want, super song
And summer loving, had me a blast
Frolicsome days, back far in the past
Where Dixon of Dock Green kept good order
While New Year's Eve, North of the Border
Moira Anderson sings, bagpipes galore
Now open the door to summer once more
Wave to the steam train puffing along
With railway children, we so belong
Childhood memories, teenage days
Such a happy time, always stays.

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