Monday, 22 September 2014

Mike Jackson for Deputy

I'm very pleased to put up Mike's election manifesto. His roots, and his heart is in the Parish. Mike attends many Parish Assemblies, because of his concern with Parish Matters, and I would suggest, he sees it as a civic duty to do so. So he knows the Parish well.

Mike was also an excellent Minister at TTS after Deputy Guy de Faye's abysmal time in office, and introduced low-energy lights along the St Aubin's Bay sea front, which were also much better for cyclists, pro-actively supported recycling initiatives, more bus shelters, and brought back the double decker bus to help demand for passenger numbers on the route 15. He was always receptive to new initiatives and was very much an innovator, although sensibly, as with the low-energy lights, he set up a pilot scheme first to test how well it would work. That's a very good scientific way to plan.

Photo of Mike taken at the recent Nomination Meeting

Mike Jackson for Deputy

Contact number: 743819 or 07797 719778
Email address: jacksonyacht@gmail.comWebsite:

Home Grown Variety

I’m a St.Breladais born and bred. I currently live in the house in which I spent my childhood

My background and training is in the marine industry. I am proprietor of a boatyard and ship chandlery shop in St.Aubin which has been trading successfully for over 30 years

I experienced a great deal during my term in office as Connétable of St.Brelade between 2005 and 2011 and as Minister of Transport and Technical Services for 3 years. I have demonstrated an ability to make difficult decisions, to deliver projects from bus shelters to residential homes to public parks and even waste incinerators. I’ve made mistakes but importantly I feel that I’ve learned much.

Why Deputy

I believe that most people crave stability and I believe in getting back to ‘grass roots’ politics and dealing effectively with local issues that concern people most. I have decided to stand as Deputy as I appreciate the need to stay in touch with those who elected me.

I would consider it an honour and privilege to be elected to this position to enable me to best help and assist Parishioners from all walks of life with their particular concerns, large or small. 6 years of experience in the States means I’m equipped to hit the ground running and get results

And What Will I Do In This Area Of The Parish?

If elected, I shall continue to use my best efforts to ensure that St.Brelade No 1 remains the pleasant place to live that we currently enjoy. I will happily challenge States Departments and Parish authority when appropriate to achieve this

I shall listen to your thoughts and ideas as to how improvements can be made if deemed necessary

I shall give active support to the Clubs and Societies in No 1 district and encourage their future development

If elected I shall relinquish my position as Constable’s officer but continue to support and encourage recruitment to the Honorary Police to ensure this backbone of the Jersey way of life continues to prosper and adapts to modern needs.

I shall seek to alter the convoluted parking management at St.Aubin by bringing it under one authority not the current 3. I believe this should be the Parish because of its central position. I shall continue to investigate the availability of further areas for parking.

I shall listen to the residents and business’ in St.Brelade’s bay and St.Aubin with a view to maintaining the character of the areas as proposed in the 2011 Island Plan.

I shall invite suggestions on how to improve and make roads and paths safe for walkers and cyclists within the district.

I shall watch for inappropriate over development and ensure neighbours receive due respect in the planning process.

Most importantly, I shall be available to listen to all.

What Will I do In The Island As A Whole?

If elected, I shall support the delivery of healthcare fit for the 21st Century

I shall support the raising of standards in our schools and support young people with their aspirations.

I consider we must make far more effort to help those leaving school fulfil their chosen career paths whether it be through further education or in acquiring vocational skills.

I shall support our Heritage and the arts

I shall support investment in our roads and infrastructure

I shall support diversification of our economy

I shall support prudent investment in our finance, tourism and agricultural industries

I shall support investment in our waste strategies to comply with the latest environmental standards.

I shall continue to question all States expenditure to ensure the public receive good value.

I shall focus on reducing excessive States expenditure and strongly resist any taxation increases.

I shall encourage a revision of the licencing laws which are no longer fit for purpose.

I shall ensure strict adherence to immigration policies whilst recognising genuine business need.

I shall be conscious of world events and the effects of extremism

I shall listen and learn.

What I Won’t Do!

I will not support development on green fields.

I will not support anti-social behaviour.

I will not support complex GST exemption schemes which will lead to an increase in the rate.

I will not support long debates in the States on reform. These achieve nothing and prevent members engaging in meaningful duties.

I will not support wasteful States expenditure on enquiries and reports which more often than not should and can be done ‘in house’.

Aspirations in the States

My primary responsibility, should I be honoured to be elected Deputy, would be to St.Brelades No 1

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