Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Deputy John Young standing for Senator

Deputy John Young has announced he will be standing for Senator. Here is his “press release” on Facebook:

Press Release on Facebook
Following the many approaches I have received from people throughout the Island during the last few months, I have decided to stand in the Senatorial elections.

It has been a very hard decision to make. I have worked hard to fulfil my promises to the electors of St Brelade No 1 district and had some successes which I believe will enable future improvements. It has been a real privilege to represent my constituents for the last three years. I want to thank everyone for their support and trust in me. .. … During the last three years I have tried to help everybody who has approached me with their concerns or individual problems, whether they were a constituent or from elsewhere in the Island.

If elected as Senator as well as the early establishment of a States ombudsman to investigate cases of injustice and consolidating the changes to the Planning system, I will work to achieve long term policy changes. These include:

• the regeneration of St Helier and future of the waterfront

• access to justice reforms

• improvements to our Ministerial system which fails to deliver joined up government

• rebalancing the power of Ministers

• strengthening the role of States scrutiny

• rolling back regulation

• delivering vital public sector reforms

• diversification of our economy

• development of sporting, cultural, heritage and environmental tourism.

We face a structural deficit in States finances, the fast growing needs of our health service and the imperative of public sector modernization and its overdue reform to stem the growth in public sector spending. These are all vital policy areas for urgent attention.

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Bob Hill said...

I have been impressed by John's hard work and honest approach to politics. It might have been a difficult decision but it is a wise one and he will get one of my votes