Saturday, 13 September 2014

Scotch On the Rocks

Sometimes the truth is not half as fun as imagination...with the Scottish referendum coming up, here's something poetic.

Scotch On the Rocks

Och, aye, there's Scottish independence votes
On the high road that leads to John O'Groats
The low road takes you down to Land's End
Barmy to go there, ye'd be sure round the bend

I'll take the high road, and a wee dram as well
Because I fell under old Robbie Burn's spell
I've Haggis for breakfast, whisky for lunch
And I'll give the Sassenachs a hearty punch!

With my trusty claymore, I'll fight once again
I'll play on the bagpipes, march through the glen
Kiss goodbye to my sweetheart, in the fairy dell
And tossing the caber, I'll do that as well

Now if ye'll just help me, my bonnie young lass
My years weigh me down heavy, alas, oh, alas
I'm eight score years and ten, and rather lame
But I can still dream. Where's my Zimmer frame?

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