Friday, 1 April 2016

Changes in Dog Laws

A Ministerial consultation entitled “Paws for Thought” takes place on this morning at 9 am at Parish Halls across Jersey which will affect many dog owners.  This comes in the wake of statutory changes which require dogs to be on leads on beaches from 1st April during the day.

The proposals from Economic Development Minister, Senator Lyndon Farnham, would become part of the Policing of Dogs (Jersey) Law, Sect0 12a, para 8,  night and safety provisions if they are approved by the States. A proposition has been lodged for later in the year.

The proposals would require all owners of black dogs to have them painted using a specially formulated non-toxic white paint developed by the Chinese Farad Soli Ploy Corporation. The purpose of this is to increase road safety by allowing dogs with darker fur to be seen more easily at night. . It is hoped this will boost trade links with China. A spokesman for the company said: "Zhè shì yīgè xiàohuà"

Dogs would be required to have small white circles painted on their fur.  The States will be appointing a new inspector who would carry out spot inspections to ensure compliance with the law.

However, opposition has come from the States back benches, where the proposal has been loudly condemned as another dotty step towards State control and conformism. They expressed the suspicion that the law had only been put forward because of pressure from paint shops hoping to increase trade which has been patchy of late. They say the Minister should be put in the dog house. The Minister says in reply that someone has to take the lead.

An opposition Facebook group has been set up called Barking Mad In Jersey.

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