Saturday, 2 April 2016

Songs of the Spring

Songs of the Spring

Spring is coming, now does the sun
Emerge from Winter, now to run
Across the sky, shines on the shore
And bring out daffodils once more

By night, Jove shines, a king of kings
And glory to the night sky brings
Hence shall come the moon to meet
We stand in wonder at his feet

The morning star, we now behold
Venus shining bright as gold
Bringer of love and peace not sword
And Saturn too, that ancient lord

The patterns in the stars they said
Both rule the heart and rule the head
Before the warming sun shall rise
The faintest glow of Venus lies

The aurora blazing, lights so long
As if in light, the sweetest song
Their dancing patterns shall proclaim
All blessings on the sick and lame

The Aten rises, shines and rains
Breaks of night those darkling chains
After night, and slumber’s rest
The sunshine makes us feel so blessed

The sunlight brings a healing power
Between the times of April shower
Rejoice, we say, rejoice and boast
Of sunlight on our rocky coast

Let all the birds now rise and bring
Dawning joy, as now they sing
And fly aloft, with songs again
Bring to end, Winter’s amen

The wheel turns, change day by day
The known and unknown worlds obey,
The moon by night, by day the sun
The threads of fate, the pattern spun

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