Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Daemons

Beltane, the first of May is coming, and my Saturday poem reflects this, looking back to the years when Jon Pertwee was Doctor Who, and facing an alien race called "The Daemons" at the village of "Devils' End", along with the Master, disguised as the Reverend Magister - Latin scholars will see that one!

The story begins with Beltane and the opening of a tomb, which actually houses the Daemon's space ship, and ends with the destruction of the village church - so good model work that complaints were made! - the capture of the Master, and Jo Grant (The Doctor's companion) and the Doctor joining the villages in a celebratory dance round the Maypole on the village green.

Curiously, for all that the title of the story is "The Daemons", there is only one in evidence, and we are told he is the last one!

For those who would like to read further on my memories of the Pertwee area, and the changing face of Britian under which it was made, and how that fed stories, see:

The Daemons

Beltane is coming, the cold of night
Wind and rains lash the public house
The tomb is opening, time is right
In the cavern, quiet as a mouse

From the tomb comes storm of ice
But round the village, heat arises
The Master chants the mantra thrice
Power supreme among his prizes

The Daemon stalks the earth again
And the Doctor tries to talk of peace
But Jo’s self sacrifice, the Devil’s Bane
Daemon destroyed, troubles cease

The Master captured, they end his ploy
And around the Maypole, dance with joy

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