Saturday, 16 April 2016

Circle Dance

Lacking inspiration today, this Saturday poem is from my unpublished "back catalogue", and was written in November 2005. It is a mixture of influence from Celtic Christianity, David Adams, Charles Williams and Celtic Paganism.

Circle Dance

Mother of all creation, giver
Of insight, love’s lawgiver
Bring up her wayward child
On Israel, she dearly smiled. 

Brother, flesh of our flesh
To see Kingdom so afresh
Close as bone of our bone
No more shall we be alone. 

Sister, Spirit breathing now
Pledge of co-inherence vow
Within, sharing in our being
Open eyes to wonder seeing. 

Draw the Caim, encircle be
Three in One, One in Three
Enfold us in protecting arms
Keep safe from all that harms. 

Turning round, in circle dance
Glory comes, and does enhance
Our vision, let us touch and feel
Your hand upon us, here to heal.

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