Tuesday, 16 January 2018

General Hospital: The Photo Novel Short Story

Happy days are here! Yes, Minister.

The cast list of the hit TV Show:

Dr Kildare: Senator Andrew Green
Dr Cameron: Constable John Refault
Dr Finlay (and his therapeutic casebook): Peter Mac

Open and Transparent. You can see my thinking.

A shady character! The People's Park is chosen
for the hospital site... but the people are kept in
the dark. The shutters are down.

"We have not yet decided on a site. Well, we have
but wanted to keep it secret until the JEP blew
the gaffe".

Feeling the cold wind of public option!
"I'm convinced the People's Park is the right option"

A sunny disposition!
1. Changing his mind - was that private treatment?
2. Dropped the people's park
3. Now building next to the current hospital
"I'm convinced next to the current hospital is the right option"

Approving the proposals for planning.
"I can see clearly there will be few obstacles"

A sunny disposition!
"The site is right. It is the footprint that is wrong."
"I am not losing the plot".
Stop Press: New plans to be drawn up by a podiatric physician.

Will he stand? Or is he feeling a bit green around the gills?

Watch out.... for the next exciting episode of.... General Hospital.

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