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The Past Year in Review: February 2017

The States BC
A light-hearted look at the perennial proposals to reform the States, this time by Andrew Lewis and Lyndon Farnham, a political Laurel and Hardy of States reform.


The States, in their collective wisdom (not sure that is quite the right noun) decided on reform (but not Reform, which is a political party). This reform (with a small "r") was a muddled combination of Option B and Option C in the last election, which we may call Option BC.

Strange Associations
A look at the Dean of Jersey being set to retire on 28th February 2017, and why I associate this with Columbo and BlackAdder.


Food Security – A Strategy in Waiting
My persistent search for an answer.


The majority of people (85%) thought that the main supermarkets in Jersey would be able to keep their shelves stocked for about a week or less, if they suddenly didn’t receive any deliveries from outside of Jersey.

Although a small proportion (3%) of people were unsure how long it would be before their household ran out of food at home, a third of people (32%) judged that their household would run out of food in ‘a few days’, and a slightly higher proportion felt they would last ‘about a week’

Food security remains high on the agenda, as food production is now seen as strategically important given the rising world population and food price volatility. A draft Food Security Strategy was prepared for consideration by the Council of Ministers which sets out four main objectives:

1. Securing the availability of food
2. Securing the affordability of food
3. Securing the ability to produce food
4. Securing against supply shocks

Where is it? When I asked via an FOE request, I had:

“Justification for exemption: A draft food security strategy is being prepared and will be integrated within the new Rural Economy Strategy (RES) due to be published in autumn 2016."”

Well then came the Rural Economy Strategy in February 2017, finally, and I have yet to see the draft food security strategy which isn't there despite promises!.

Standing Orders

At the time, I had forgotten that in many cases, dual citizenship is possible.


Jersey politicians have voted against allowing non-British citizens from standing for election in the island. Deputy Montfort Tadier called for a change to the current rules, which stop islanders without a British passport from being part of the States Assembly. His proposition did not get the backing from the majority of politicians though, with only eight members agreeing to the idea.

There is not a country in the world so far as I know that subscribes to the idea that a foreign national can stand for election to their parliament or national assembly. It is not enough just to be resident, but to have a commitment which comes through naturalisation.

Passing the Buck

A look at Facebook Taxi services.


When asked, Jersey Police said it was out of their jurisdiction and they won't be taking any action, and the BBC should check with the Department of Infrastructure.

Jersey's Department for Infrastructure said it could only regulate registered drivers and could nott control the actions of members of the public, and the BBC should contact the police.

It is important to point-out that giving lifts for money will breach the conditions of a private motor insurance policy. So if you have an accident, neither driver nor passengers will be covered. [Even carrying freight requires 'hire and reward' type of insurance cover!!] So, in effect, you are driving without insurance.

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