Saturday, 27 January 2018

The Intrepid Fox

My thanks to Katalin for this photo which inspired the poem.

“It was the task of Mr. Fox,” noted John Russell, one of his ideological successors, “to vindicate, with partial success, but with brilliant ability, the cause of freedom and the interests of mankind. He resisted the mad perseverance of Lord North in the project of subduing America. He opposed the war undertaken by Mr. Pitt against France, as unnecessary and unjust. He proved himself at all times the friend of religious liberty, and endeavoured to free both the Protestant and Roman Catholic dissenter from disabilities on account of their religious faith. He denounced the slave trade. He supported at all times a reform of the House of Commons.”

The Intrepid Fox

Charles James Fox, champion of the free
Politician, Maverick and Whig
A young man, once on gambling spree
Later led Parliament in a merry jig

Ended Slavery, and set the captives free
Supported America’s freedom fight
And fought for all kinds of liberty
And against injustice with all might

The Intrepid Fox, pub named after him
The man who liked to sup and think
But finally closed, the lights went dim
On two hundred years of serving drink

Charles James Fox, let we forget
In London Town, seen still yet

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