Saturday, 17 September 2011

Autumn Weather

Something for the weather outside, overcast skies, wind, rain...
Autumn Weather
Leaves fall from trees and blow away
When comes our Autumn Fall
Of golden browns and reds we spy
Till strong winds take them all
The waves grow ragged, fierce the swell
Across the sands so bare
The rain is beating down on us
And summer's end declare
The tide is high, the harbour walls
Can barely keep it in
Autumn storms, and heavy rains
Can soak us to the skin
But when the storm has come and gone
Where strongest gale blew
I walk and pick the blackberries
And make the jam for you.
At home, the logs are burning in the grate
And make the room so warm
When Autumn days are here again
A shelter from the storm

1 comment:

Alane Wallace said...

Lovely. You make it sound so inviting!