Thursday, 29 September 2011

La Cloche et l'Idiot

The French title of the film "Dumb and Dumber" is "La Cloche et l'Idiot"

I was reminded of this when reading St Saviour's Parish Magazine, which has the aptly named title of "La Cloche".

Unlike St Brelade's where there was a deliberate policy (which I thought was very sensible) of avoiding political matters in La Baguette (the St Brelade's Parish Magazine), St Saviour decided bravely to embrace the elections, with an "election special". This also means the Constable has the chance to appear in photographs and be mentioned in other stories as well, so he gets a bit of "bonus coverage".

Each set of elections in each district is set out, with candidates photos, name, and a brief piece written by them - a mini-manifesto. It's a nice glossy presentation.

Imagine my surprise on reading that Roy Le Hérissier - standing in St Saviour No 3 - opens with "I have lived in St Saviour for most of my life, and have represented District Number One for the past 18 years"... and then goes on to say that he has been Planning Minister since July this year! News to me, and I dare say, to the good Deputy as well.

It is, of course, a duplication of the entry under Deputy Rob Duhamel, and was not picked up by the editor, Elaine Hanning, whom I assume is the wife of the Constable. I saw it straight away, just on a first reading. It is so obviously wrong, not a minor mistake.

It is a good job they have a disclaimer:

"The editor accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may occur."


James said...

To be fair, an apology has already appeared in the JEP.

TonyTheProf said...

What day and what page? Must have been buried.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree that it shouldnt be for politics. Who is the editor of this magazine??

TonyTheProf said...

The Constable's wife.