Friday, 23 September 2011

Election Notes

Just a brief note on matters of no great importance!

Ben Querre said that "eight of the 12 Parish Constables were re-elected unopposed on nomination last night, including one newcomer, Michel Le Troquer..."

And made a slip - Philip Rondel is also a newcomer to the ranks of Constables, and one of the eight re-elected unopposed!

I use mnemonics to remember people's names. For Chris Whitworth, I think of Whitworths Raisins, and after he left a ridiculous cardboard cut-out, the mnemonic connection is even strong. What goes well with Whitworths Raisins? Nuts, of course! His picture is ridiculous - check it out if you don't believe me. My pundit prediction: he will be last.

Second to last will be Darius Pearce, with his ridiculous idea of polling the public before asking questions. It was notable that he didn't actually ask for a show of hands before making his views known at the last hustings, but does actually have opinions of his own - although these might be the result of a poll he carried out on the way to the hustings.

Stuart Syvret is making a surprisingly good showing, and let's remember that if the election deposits - mooted by Privileges and Procedures - had been brought in last year, he would probably not be able to stand, while Philip Bailhache, with lots of cash, would. Juliette Gallichan has said she is stepping down from Privileges and Procedures, and it's not before time - this kind of proposition should never have been given the time of day, and was strongly voted down in the States.

Election posters: Lyndon Farnham has a pose that suggests he should or would really like to be holding a Walther pistol like James Bond. Sean Power has the slogan "Same Energy" - but seems remarkably youthful looking - is it also a case of "Same Photo" as last time?

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Anonymous said...

Take care! Talking and writing of things of no importance will land you in trouble with Sir Bailhache. Headmasters study for you!