Monday, 24 October 2011

Bailhache secures record victory

Headline this week in the JEP: Bailhache secures record victory

Sir Philip Bailhache, a recent contender in X-Factor, impressed the judges and the voting public with his rendering of Elvis Presley's "Devil In Disguise", beating Stuart Syvret's "Jailhouse Rock".

Hearing the verdict, Simon Cowell texted: "Sir Philip is a real fiend, sorry, I mean find. That's the trouble with predictive text. Nonetheless, it's a record victory, and we'll have the new single ready for release by November"

Other Elvis songs making the chart were:

Lyndon Farnham: Wooden Heart
Jeremy Macon: My Boy (arr. Mrs Macon)
James Le Feuvre: She's Not You
Terry Le Main: Hound Dog (You Ain't Nothing But A)
Freddie (Mercury) Cohen: All Shook Up
Mike (Michael) Jackson: Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Angela Jeune: Way Down
Montfort Tadier: I Forgot To Remember To Forget

But the Beatles were not forgotten, and there were strong contenders here:

Geoff Southern: Back in the USSR
Philip Ozouf: Taxman
Rob Duhamel: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
Alan Maclean: Fixing A Hole
James Reed: Nowhere Man
Trevor Pitman: Revolution
Ian Gorst: Magical Mystery Tour
Alan Breckon: Don't Pass Me By
Sarah Ferguson: Dear Prudence
Ian Le Marquand: I Wanna Be Your Man

Special thanks for those extra Elvis and Beatles songs to my musical informer, Monty Croix.

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