Saturday, 15 October 2011

Weather Days

BBC Radio Jersey's challenge - a poem with three of the words - ubiquitous, sorry, Jersey and car.

My first poem, Sooner than You Think is here

This uses ubiquitous, Jersey, car

But I couldn't resist another - so here it is.

This uses sorry, Jersey, car!

It's a reflection on the halcyon days of Jersey tourism...

Weather Days
Do you remember fine summer day,
In August, sunshine and sand to play,
And not the rain we had this year;
Tourists came then, without a care,
To enjoy the weather, bucket, spade,
Flared trousers, shoes of suede;
Those were the days, in Jersey past:
The Sixties heyday, that didn't last;
With Hire Car, the Grockles came,
But leaving litter, all the same!
But come the evening, Jersey night,
We'd sneak out, so fleet and quiet,
Beachcombing the golden sands,
And pick up lots, it was so grand!
We were not sorry, collecting trays,
Buckets, spades. Those were the days!

1 comment:

Alane said...

So childlike and sweet. I love this point of view.