Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sooner than you think.

BBC Radio Jersey's challenge - a poem with three of the words - ubiquitous, sorry, Jersey and car.

I could have added sorry, but that might have been showing off.

And so - a poem linked to peak oil, and the prospect that one day petrol cars will be defunct...

Sooner than you think.

Ubiquitous rusting shells, as I pass by,
Once the glory, joy of salesman's eye;
But now, no more, those days no more;
And I see the hungry faces at the door,
As I ride by a house, brickwork decayed;
Didn't they listen? Peak oil to be paid:
A future cost, and so one dreadful day,
The pumps ceased, petrol went away;
And Jersey fell to silence on the road,
Where once the motor car bestrode;
No more fumes, and no more speed,
And I ride by upon my trusty steed.

1 comment:

Alane said...

What trusty steed? I only have feet and a bicycle.