Friday, 14 October 2011

Linda Corby - Why there was nothing in the JEP supplement

I'm reposting this from Planet Jersey. It appears the JEP slipped up! Mark's email (mentioned below) ended up being treated as spam. Clearly the JEP are not terribly efficient!

Linda Corby says

My answers to the JEP questionnaire were not published along with the other answers in the JEP election pull out .  When I contacted the JEP I was told that they had not received my postal reply?   They forgot to give me the questionnaire at the same time as everyone else apart from Mark Forskitt who was given his at the same time I was. Mark told me he had a problem getting his email through to them.   However I emailed the below copy of my reply to Ben Queree today and he told me on the phone that he had to ask the editor if they could now fit it into the paper? 

I am horrified that some people will not know that I did reply and think badly of me for it  !

JEP:  My answers to questionnaire for election candidates.(Linda Corby.)

1.   Chief Minister: This would very much depend on who stood, however I would choose whomever I felt would represent the people of the island best.
2.   What will you do:  I would do whatever position I was most needed in and that could do the most good for the most number of people possible.
3.   Housing: The current balance is about right, but options should be considered.
4.   Priorities:  Job Creation.
5.   Tax:  GST should be removed from food and all essentials. A way to tax non Jersey none- finance firms must be found in the next three years.
6.   Income support: Yes, they have it about right, but people should be better informed of what their entitlements are and some red tape needs cutting.
7.   Immigration: No, it is too easy for people coming in.
8.   Population: We should take steps to reduce it to 90,000 and stick to that number.
9.   Priorities: 1. Supporting the economy. 2 . Health. 3. Benefits and Pensions. 4. Education. 5. Environment. 6. Crime and Safety.
10.   Island Wide. Our Social policy needs overhauling.  Our youth need educating with the right skills to fill the jobs now going to none residents.  Remove GST off food and other essential items. We need a fairer tax system. We should be helping local businesses the present system is unworkable and unfair.
11.   Job Creation/Economic Diversification.  Tax breaks for more businesses to employ apprentices.  Allocate adequate funding for Tourism,Agriculture,Sports & Leisure. Tidal power and the film industry for example would produce more work in the island, remember Bergerac.
12.   More affordable housing for our young people to have somewhere to live when they return from further education, they are our future.  Stopping the untold austerity cuts to as the elderly and less well off who are struggling affording to survive in the island right now.
13.   Jersey should have a new hospital within five years. GST Should be removed off food. States Members pay should be frozen for three years. The number of States Members Should be reduced. The Esplanade Square scheme on the Waterfront should be scrapped. Speed limits should be reduced in all urban areas. Dental charges should be capped. The public should vote for Chief Minister.

Regards Linda


Anonymous said...

Whilst this must be somewhat annoying it matters little as Linda has absolutely ZERO chance of being elected, with or without her responses being published.

TonyTheProf said...

Perhaps not, but it is hardly fair for the JEP to treat her this way. Everyone standing should be treated equally, but the space given in newsprint to Sir Philip Bailhache certainly vitiates that principle.

Linda Corby said...

Ben Queree emailed me at 18.25 to say that it will be in tomorrow's JEP.

Not quite the same as it being in the election pull out but at least people should know I did send a reply!

As for my chances of being elected, well no-one really knows who will be elected for sure.

James said...

And it is ... with the comment that the submission was received late.

Nice of the JEP to blame their cock-up on the candidate, isn't it?