Monday, 15 August 2011


A poem to express the sorrow of the deaths in Jersey, and the family who died, especially the young children, who didn't deserve any of this..       


There is a sense unknown
In the dying that we see
The hatred that is shown
And ask how can it be?
How can it be, so to forsake
All life, so that small children die?
We are such mortal flesh and bone
And feel the pain, the woe
Of humankind made strange as shown
And saddest deaths we know
This is the grief, the heartfelt need
And light a candle, weep indeed
Sometimes there is a darker way
And in mourning, let us sing
Lamenting all the day
Thoughts of family, agonizing
The dying screams, the final breath
And with those deaths, we simply cry
How can it be that this was done?
What makes this rage and spite?
Search for meaning, finding none
And torn asunder in daylight
Such injuries. And how at these
The shadows come, and laughter flees.
Light the candles, memory be engraved
Of life cut short in such way
The darkness comes, and so depraved
That children young does slay
And comfortless, how can it be
That hope arise, and be set free?
Here was the family in a home
That no one now can save
In death there was no friendly tomb
But what destruction gave
And let us come, and let us pray
For those whose battered bodies lay
Here may we stay, as bells now ring
And light a candle at a shrine
The candle flickers, now to bring
In darkness yet, of hope a sign
That even amidst those dying days
We will remember them; that stays.

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Ian Evans said...

Very apt Tony :)