Friday, 19 August 2011

A Local Pop Idol

Davy Jones, DJ at Radio Jersey

The Monkees:
Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, Murray Norton and Mickey Dolenz

Is it my imagination or does BBC Radio Jersey's Murray Norton look like Monkee Davy Jones?


Nick Palmer said...

Ah. This'll be one of your "random thoughts" then?

TonyTheProf said...

On Facebook, Murray Norton commented "I played footie against him [Davy Jones] once - a speedy little winger he was too! And yes I too am a Daydream Believer! I'll play it on the show tomorrow at 10.30am!"

It's a small world!

Spencer Pryor said...

Ho Ho!! Weren't we all young once! Came across a pic of me in my DJ days - hair down to shoulders, velvet jacket and frilly shirt. Ah those fashionable 70s...