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Deputies Elections - St Martin 1993

1993 saw a contested election in St Martin, in which sitting Deputy Bob Hill saw off a challenge from David Thelland.

The issue of drugs comes into Bob Hill's manifesto, which is perhaps not surprising for a former policeman. What is notable, however, is that unlike other candidates in other Parishes, who call for tougher sentencing to be taken, he clearly realises that the culture of dependency in which drugs users are trapped needs consideration, and just locking them up (as other Deputies had called for) is not a solution - hence his call for a "confidential drugs consultation unit".

David Thelland also wants to tackle the drugs problem by a "combination of education, counselling and stiffer penalties" - evidently he realises that sentencing policy alone is not enough, although he clearly thinks that "stiff penalties" is a phrase which will go down well with the more "gung-ho" members of the electorate.

Mr Thelland, like a number of other Deputies, is quite forthcoming about his Jersey credentials  but very unforthcoming about his business activities. He is a "company director", and has "business interests". An internet search suggests these might be as an "Independent Oil & Energy Professional", whatever that involves.

Deputies Elections - St Martin 1993

Bob  Hill
Occupation: Retired
Age: 53

BOB Hill believes in policies of openness and accountability, service to the community, and consultation. He wants to create opportunities for parishioners to feel more involved in Island affairs.

A farmer's son, he was educated at St Martin's School and worked for 31 years in the Metropolitan Police. The last 17 years were spent as youth and a community officer in Lambeth.

During his career he was awarded several commendations, including the British Empire Medal for his
service to the community. He retired and returned to Jersey two years ago with his wife Ann. Since returning, he has organised and run the Jersey Junior Citizen Project - a multi-agency approach to safety awareness.

'To enhance community spirit within the parish I shall look at the possibility of establishing self-funding increases to finance unemployment,' he says.

Mr Hill plans to to seek ways  of maintaining a stable population and supports training of people of all ages. He intends to look into voluntary exchange schemes and the setting-up of a small business enterprise scheme.
He wants to combat drug abuse and will support the establishment of a confidential drugs consultation unit.

Dave Thelland
Occupation: Company director
Age: 49

CENTENIER David Thelland's election platform is based on his policies of tackling unemployment and immigration through training. He wants to ensure that the local workforce is highly qualified.

He is adamant that the Island's heritage needs protection and is totally opposed to a marina at St Catherine. He believes in equal pay for equal work and supports business initiatives. He intends to tackle the growing drug and crime problems and believes that a combination of education, counselling and stiffer penalties will bring success.

Mr Thelland is a Jerseyman, but was educated at Farnborough Grammar and King Alfred's College, Winchester. He became a teacher and worked for 18 years at St Helier Boys and Le Rocquier Schools before leaving to devote more time to his family and business interests.

He thinks that the parish welfare system should be subsidised from a central fund and that politicians should be more accountable. He is very involved in youth work and sport, as well as with St Martin's Battle of Flowers.

If elected Mr Thelland promises to he a good listener and to work hard for both the parish and the Island as a whole.

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