Monday, 3 March 2014

February Retrospective

Top Ten of my blog postings over last month were:
Free Speech in Jersey, 14 Feb 2014
"I understand that in the present case the Data Protection Commissioner has indicated that she considers it to be likely that similar cases to the present may arise in future and that guidance from the Court as to the approach to be adopted would be welcome." (Court Judgement on Stuart Syvret's Blog)
This highlighted the way in which free speech, whether Hansard transcripts, or the Data Protection Case against Stuart Syvret were eroding freedom of speech in ways which sidestepped Parliamentary privilege, in the one case, and the proper route by the laws on defamation, on the other.
The Lighter Side of Jersey Politics, 28 Feb 2014
A lighter look at the forthcoming bi-election. And the origins of the phrase "an orgy of bollards" (in case you wanted to know!)
The Idiots Guide to Elections - Part 1, 11 Feb 2014
Another humorous post, looking in general terms at Nominations, Posters, Canvassing and the Hustings
Commuter Deputies, 26 Feb 2014
A strong critique of rural Deputies who look for the easy pickings of Town districts.
The Idiots Guide to Elections - Part 2, 12 Feb 2014
The second part, looking at manifestoes, and what they really mean!
The Living Wage, 18 Feb 2014
An election topic, and my own research done back in 2008 on the subject looking at the benefits.
Guest Comment on Population, 31 Jan 2014
Daniel Wimberley on the way in which population control has been fudged by successive Council of Ministers, despite promises.
A State of Emergency, 19 Feb 2014
The Condor strike, possible escalation, food security, and the legislation on Emergency Powers.

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